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Do you get nervous or have anxiety when you see the dentist? Don’t be embarrassed, it happens to many people. In these cases, we can give you sedation in order to make you comfortable for any dental procedure.

There are several options, from light and moderate, to deep sedation. The level of sedation depends upon your level of anxiety. Most forms of conscious sedation are in the light and moderate category.

Light sedation is the most minimal form, but will help you relax while remaining awake, alert and cognizant of the procedure.

Moderate sedation also keeps you conscious, and allows for you to respond to the doctor’s instruction, but makes you groggy. And most likely, you won’t remember anything after the procedure is done.

Deep Sedation puts you into an unconscious state, and is therefore only recommended for extreme anxiety where consciousness would hamper the procedure. This form of sedation will keep you asleep until the drug is reversed, and you will take longer to recover from its effects.

If you have questions about dental anxiety and sedation, call Dr. Mark R. Sheils and our helpful team at Timber Creek Dental in Fargo, North Dakota. Phone: 701-232-6683.

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