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It’s completely possible to save a knocked-out tooth and have it replaced in your gums. Of course, that’s assuming that you don’t lose the tooth completely and can’t find it after it pops out of your head.

But if you manage to find it, and it’s still in one piece, then you have a lot of options for keeping it alive while you wait to see Dr. Mark R. Sheils at Timber Creek Dental in Fargo, North Dakota. If you can follow these tips and tricks, and see the dentist quickly, there’s a great chance that you’ll be able to put your knocked-out tooth right back in place

Keep it in milk
If your knocked-out tooth can be recovered, you’re probably wondering what to do with it while waiting to see a dentist. You have a few options, but a great one is to put the tooth in milk. The calcium in milk helps the tooth stay alive, keeping it viable to be reinserted in your gums. If you can’t access milk, keeping the tooth in your mouth is a good idea as well. Your saliva has certain properties that help keep a knocked-out tooth alive. Just don’t swallow it!

See a dentist immediately
You’ll want to call an after-hours dental clinic if you knock your tooth out in the evenings. Otherwise, you’ll want to call us immediately to inform us of the situation. It’s important that you come see a dentist immediately after getting a tooth knocked out. If you wait any longer, it’s unlikely the tooth will be able to be reinserted

If you have any other questions about the process, please give us a call at 701-232-6683.

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