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Did you know that a pregnancy can affect your smile? The problem is that pregnancy can increase your risk for several health problems and issues including gum disease and enamel erosion. In order to keep your smile safe while you’re pregnant, you will need to make sure that you are getting nutritious meals that are high in enamel-building minerals and that you are continually cleaning your mouth out. If you neglect your oral health care while you’re pregnant, you will leave your mouth exposed to future damage.

Your oral health care when you’re pregnant should be at the top of your list for health risks assigned to a pregnancy. Oftentimes, many individuals are all overwhelmed with the number of treatments that need to be provided and care that needs to be given for not only themselves but the baby as well. Along the same lines, you should make sure that you’re eating healthy and avoid unhealthy substances such as sugars to not only protect yourself, and your baby, but also your smile. Furthermore, you will want to avoid poor oral hygiene risks as it can increase your risk for gum disease.

By keeping your smile safe during a pregnancy with effective oral hygiene routines such as brushing and flossing, you can lower your risk for several health risks such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and premature delivery. These conditions often occur if you are not adequately taking care of your teeth and gums while pregnant. If you should have any questions or concerns about your oral health care while pregnant, or simply wish to receive a necessary routine checkup to determine if any damage has arisen, be sure to visit your dentist.

Are you in need of a dentist in Fargo, North Dakota, while pregnant? If so, our team at Timber Creek Dental can assist you. Dr. Mark R. Sheils and our team can give you a complete oral examination to help you with your smile while pregnant, or any other oral health care needs you may have. Our number is 701-232-6683.

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