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When tooth decay is not diagnosed or treated, it will spread across the tooth and compromise the dental structure. As more of the tooth enamel is lost, you will experience increasing dental discomfort. Tooth sensitivity and pain are also a result of bacteria developing deep in the tooth pulp, around the nerve of the tooth. Tooth decay in the inner tooth may need to be treated with root canal therapy.

In a case such as this, a severe toothache that you can’t ignore is a common symptom of tooth decay. Once a cavity reaches this stage, continuing to delay dental treatment lead to more serious risks to your overall well-being, including the development of septicemia, a life-threatening condition.

To treat a tooth that has experienced advanced decay, you will need to visit a dental office. Typically, we will need to perform root canal therapy, which is a special course of endodontics designed to remove the infected dental structure and preserve a tooth from extraction. After extracting any damaged portions of the tooth, our dentist will form the remaining tooth into a pillar-shaped abutment with the use of a special dental material.

We will also work with a professional dental lab to create a custom-made dental crown to restore the appearance and size of the tooth. You will need to visit our office for a second appointment to have the finished crown cemented onto the abutment. The final result should serve you well for many years if you continue to maintain your dental health.

If you are suffering from a severely decayed tooth that may need root canal therapy in Fargo, North Dakota, call 701-232-6683 to seek endodontic care from our dentist, Dr. Mark R. Sheils.

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