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What is halitosis? It is a more scientific name for bad breath. Halitosis has many causes, which includes some common foods and drinks. Of this group, there are too many to list, but we will go over a few and define ways to beat the halitosis back.

One basic thing you can count on is that if it smells strong, it will make your breath smell strong. That is why garlic and onions have such a prominent effect often. These are just some of the obvious culprits.

Other culprits are foods that are high in sugar. The halitosis problem with sugar comes in two parts. One is that the sugar sticks to teeth and starts rotting; two is that bacteria find the sugar and eat it. This may sound okay, but when bacteria eat food and sugar, in particular, they create a waste product that makes your breath smell nastier.

Coffee and alcoholic drinks also increase halitosis, though in more ways than just their individual smells. Even though they are liquids, they can cause dehydration and decrease your saliva in the process. Saliva is a vital cleaning tool for your mouth, as it removes things like food and acid that cause a stench.

Now that you understand some of the problems, what can you do? One way to help is to cut down on how often you consume these foods. After you do consume them, you can take a moment to brush and floss so you can remove anything that may stink up your breath. Drinking some water in between cups of coffee, beer or similar drinks can provide some fuel for saliva production as well.

We hope these suggestions will be helpful for you. If you ever need our help with chronic bad breath or another issue, you can find us at Timber Creek Dental in Fargo, North Dakota. Just talk with our dentist, Dr. Mark R. Sheils, for some advice and help with any dental need. To schedule a visit, just call 701-232-6683.

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