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What one does in the first few moments after an oral accident can be vital to ensure a quick recovery. It’s important to be both calm and proactive in doing what you can to treat the injury. If the injury is serious, it’s also important to call Timber Creek Dental for emergency treatment as soon as possible. Here are some common injuries and oral first aid you can provide at home:

A Knocked Out Tooth
If a sporting or household accident knocked a tooth out, it may still be possible to save it. You’ll want to keep a Save-a-Tooth kit with your first aid materials to use in these situations so as to avoid the tooth drying out and cracking. If you don’t have that on hand, try putting the tooth in milk instead. Then bring it to Dr. Mark R. Sheils’s office to see if it can be reinserted back into the jaw.

Object Stuck in the Teeth
You never want to remove it by pulling or yanking it out. This can damage your teeth easily. You’ll also want to stay away from using sharp objects to pry it loose, such as pliers or toothpicks. Instead, try gently pry it out using tools specifically designed for the teeth, such as dental floss or a water flosser. If you cannot do so successfully on your own or if there is quite a bit of blood, call our office immediately or take a trip to the ER.

A Lost Dental Appliance
If you’ve lost a dental filling, you can improvise with a temporary filling from your dental first aid kit or even place sugarless chewing gum or a cotton swab in the hole. If your dental crown has fallen out, you can cover the exposed area with a cotton swab dabbed in clove oil until you are able to meet with us for a replacement.

If you are in a dental emergency in Fargo, North Dakota, please call 701-232-6683. We look forward to helping you and your smile!

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