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In today’s blog, we discuss why your teeth may be sensitive and what to do to achieve relief and elimination of your sensitivity for good!

A few reasons why you may be suffering from tooth sensitivity include:

– Damage or breakage in the enamel, which is caused from tooth decay, fractured tooth structure, and even worn-away fillings or enamel
– Gum disease can also cause sensitivity, particularly when receding gums expose the tooth’s root, which if left untreated, can lead to plaque building up and resulting in cavities
– Tooth sensitivity can also be the result of genetics, especially if a parent had sensitive teeth, or trauma, such as having a lot of dental work done

Once your dentist discovers the reason behind tooth sensitivity, he can determine the appropriate treatment plan and eliminate the sensitivity naturally, over time. There are a few things you can do at home and at Timber Creek Dental. When you visit with Dr. Mark R. Sheils, we can send you home with a prescription from the dentist that you brush on and usually contains high levels of sodium fluoride. You can also buy several types of toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Using these at-home remedies help put a protective film on your enamel, which will help protect the dentin, helping diminish your sensitivity in the long run.

We also have a fluoride treatment we do in our office that the dentist applies, helping to seal the microscopic openings in your dentin called tubules. There may be other chemicals we use that form crystals in these tubules to help reduce sensitivity. If these remedies don’t seem to work, after a while, the dentist may suggest cleaning out the roots of your tooth with a root canal, which should rid you of the sensitivity. Visit our office or call us at 701-232-6683 today for an appointment about tooth sensitivity in Fargo, North Dakota.

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